Heart Pendants with Feather Texture Handmade Ceramic Choice Of Colors

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Choose these handmade ceramic hearts as a starting point for a great necklace design.  Hearts are always a popular motif and these hearts have a unique riff on the standard heart.  They feature a stunning peacock feather texture that is glazed in a contrasting color, in three of the hearts.  Please indicate your color choice in the box provided on this page. Color choices are:  Pink with maroon texture, speckled red (texture is also speckled red), lavender with turquoise  texture or light pink with dark pink texture.  I have one of each color available. The pendants are glazed on all sides, with one loop at the top. See last picture for sizing. 

These pendants were fired in my ceramic kiln to over 2000 F (1100 C), creating a beautiful and lasting finish. 

The full price of all purchases from my heart themed pieces will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which works to combat hate, promote tolerance and respect and seek justice for the most vulnerable among us. I feel each of us should use our individual gifts in ways that promote social justice, compassion and community. This is one way I can further these goals.

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