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Gender Neutral Ceramic Pendant or Bracelet Bar Brown Celtic Design

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Choose this gender neutral, ceramic pendant or bracelet bar for its versatile design possibilities.  The two large holes are just the right size for leather cording attachments. With the holes on the sides, it is perfect for use as a bracelet bar. Position the holes top and bottom, and you've got a pendant, from which you can hang a tassel or dangle. Dark brown glaze pools in the recessed areas, emphasizing the Celtic knot design. The glaze is nearly translucent on the raised areas, allowing the lighter brown clay to show through. Glazed on all sides. See last picture for the pendant size.


All my ceramic components are handmade, and kiln fired two or more times in my ceramic kiln, to over 2000 F for a beautiful and lasting finish. The use of handmade art beads is one of the best way to make your jewelry standout from the crowd.

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