Red Raku Earrings With Wooly Wire Fiber in Blue and Green Rustic

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Earthy, red raku lends a rustic, artisan air to these one of a kind earrings. Raku is a type of ceramic firing process in which the clay work is removed from the kiln at bright red heat and placed in a container of combustible materials. This creates a smoky environment that blackens the clay in some areas or along crazing in the glaze surface.  The darkened areas serve to emphasize the swirl pattern in these earring charms. Raku firing is always unpredictable and exciting  So keeping a bit on the wild side, I topped these ceramic charms with Wooly Wire, which is hand-dyed fiber that has been felted onto wire.  I love the vibrant colors of the Wooly Wire and the contrast between the softness of the fibers and the hard surfaces of the ceramic.

The Red Raku Earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear;  They will add an artisan flair to casual or work wear outfits.

Details for the Red Raku Earrings:

  •  Red Swirl Charms: Handmade Raku fired ceramic by Diana Ptaszynski
  • Wooly Wire:  Hand dyed and felted fiber by Nellie Thompson
  • Brass ear wires
  • About 2 inches (5 cm) long from the top of the ear wires
  • One of a kind, artisan earrings

© 2015 Linda Landig