Earth Tones Bracelet Carved Flower Jasper Wood

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This bracelet offers so much to see and delight in. As your eyes travel around this one of a kind bracelet, you'll notice that nearly every bead is unique. Center front is a gorgeous brown and cream, striped jasper bead. A stunning carved flower catches your attention right away and it, too, is a form of jasper. All together there are four different types of jasper in a range of earth tone colors. In addition to various glass and metal beads the wood beads are worth pointing out. The large bicone bead opposite the flower, has distinctive dark brown bands of color near the tips of the bead, which contrast with the medium brown of the center. Near the clasp are two smaller striped zebrawood beads. Lastly, next to one of the zebrawood beads is a charm dangle made of Himalayan elephant skin jasper and Oregon sunstone. Your friends won't know what all these beads are made of, but right away they'll notice the variety of textures, shapes and earth tones that give this bracelet so much interest. Jewelry comes wrapped in a cotton lined gift box. Feel free to message me with any questions you have.


Reviewed by Linda Landig on Aug 23, 2022