Green Kyanite Stretch Bracelet with Gold Plated Beads Handmade

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Have you heard of the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku? It is the restorative act of taking in the forest with all your senses, shown in scientific studies to enhance your sense of well being. These forest green kyanite stones remind me of Shinrin-yoku. I can look at them and imagine the forest and inhale that deep sense of calm. 

Kyanite is commonly known in its blue form, but it comes in this beautiful green hue as well.  Because of the way that kyanite crystals are formed, they have an internal woodgrain-like striation pattern that causes the stone to shimmer from within in a beautiful pearlescent green. I paired the kyanite with gold plated beads and sweet, little gold and green bead caps. This woodsy grouping is strung on a durable stretch cord for easy wearability. I hope that when you glance down at your Forest Bathing Bracelet you will imagine birds chirping and sunlight dappling your face through the forest canopy.