Antique Millefiori African Glass Bead Bracelet Yellow Orange

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This colorful stretch bracelet features antique trade beads, vintage African sand cast beads and recycled glass Krobo beads from Ghana. The antique Venetian millefiori glass trade beads (the focal bead in this bracelet) were made in Venice, Italy at the end of the 19th to early 20th centuries and traded to Africa. The Krobo powder glass beads (the black striped beads) are made by the people of Krobo Mountain in Ghana, West Africa. They are made from bottles and other glass items that are turned into powder, then poured into clay bead molds and fired. Decorations on the beads are made with a paste made of colored glass powder and water which is applied by hand. The beads are then a second time. Friends of mine brought these home from Ghana in the early 1970's and gifted them to me a year ago. The millefiori and the Krobo beads are accented with brass beads, African sand cast beads and matching wood beads. This delightful medley of beads is strung on durable stretch cord and secured with a surgeon's knot and a touch of jeweler's glue, for good measure. Please note, due to the antique nature of the two trade beads, there are a few chips around their edges, however they have been ground smooth. There are no sharp edges or anything that would cause discomfort or snag on clothing.